Insider tips on breaking into Video Game Writing

Are you an aspiring video game writer? Check out this WRITERS GUILD podcast episode “Words Into Pixels: Video Game Writing” recorded at the WGF event in Los Angeles.

Moderated by: Neil Druckmann (THE LAST OF US, UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF’S END). Guest panel includes: TJ Fixman (RATCHET & CLANK series), Marianne Krawczyk (GOD OF WAR series) and Tom Bissell (GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT). Listen for their insightful and very funny stories on:

  • The challenges and constraints of writing video game scripts.
  • The most annoying parts of the job.
  • What skills are important if you want to write for games.

Listen here: Video Game Writing.  For more WGF writing episodes, visit: WGF Podcasts 

And now for a taste of Mandatory Fun


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Grammar.  No, it’s not the shrink from Cheers and Frasier.  That’s Kelsey GRAMMER. Grammar is the backbone of a creative writer.  The single most powerful weapon in their arsenal. Why?  Because no amount of creativity can overcome lacking proper grammar. … Continue reading

Beyond Genre – Classifying games by Idiom: The New Dramaturgy Pt.4


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For all you game writers who read parts one, two & three and have been anticipating it, here’s the concluding part four of the Gamic Dramaturgy series.  Finally! In the concluding chapter, they explore how the current mode of categorizing … Continue reading

How to create Drama in Games: Suspense and Substance – The New Dramaturgy Pt. 3

whats in the box

Here’s part three in the four part series on Gamic Dramaturgy.

Today’s article deals with Suspense and Dramatic Substance in games.  Basically, why should we care?

This falls close to what is the core of any writing:  How do we engage the reader (gamer) and keep them invested and deeply involved?

Enjoy part three!

Tick, Tick, BOOM!! – Catharsis and Pacing in Games: The New Dramaturgy Pt.2

Catharsis collage

Here’s part two in the four part series on Gamic Dramaturgy.

Today’s article deals with Catharsis and Pacing in games.  And why there really is no such thing as a three act structure when it comes to games.

As a screenwriter, this did enlighten me a bit to the devices utilized to create a stretch of story beyond three acts.

Good read!

The New Dramaturgy Pt 1: Introduction to Gamic Dramaturgy


Here’s the first in a four part series breaking down the need for a system to more formally create Drama and evoke emotion in an artistic way within the video game genre.

It’s dense, so I will post one part a day this week concluding on Friday.

In this first chapter, they cover the the general concepts that form the foundation of Gamic Dramaturgy.