Before any creative submissions go out to employers, they will go through a first read here in Career Development.

In order for your work to be submitted for consideration with internal leads, make sure the following stumbling blocks have been avoided:

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Submissions require what any employer expects: Correct grammar, structure, format, spelling and punctuation. As Creative Writing graduates, it is assumed your writing samples will be professionally formatted and thoroughly edited and polished.

Do not submit unfinished or incomplete writing samples. A completed short film script is okay. However, Act 1 of an incomplete 3-act screenplay is not okay.

Regarding scriptwriters, a feature length script is expected as a writing sample.

Whether it’s your synopsis or your script, Make Sense. A well-written, well-conceived synopsis can act as your “selling document” to get the reader on board with your script. NEVER send out hastily written synopses.   If you submit a stream-of-consciousness, poorly editing or improperly formatted writing sample it will only serve to confuse the reader and lead to rejection. Always ensure your writing samples are polished to perfection.

Use judgment. Movies can be shocking, but that shouldn’t be their only purpose. Don’t submit content that has the sole purpose of being shocking or disgusting or that shows animal abuse or propagates hate messages or displays gratuitous violence with no artistic value. Platoon or Zero Dark Thirty are acceptable. Faces of Death is not okay.

No pornography. No sexually explicit scenes. Movies like American Pie and Risky Business are acceptable. Movies like Don Jon and 50 Shades of Grey are likely not okay. Violent or pornographic sexuality is not okay. Movies like Deep Throat are definitely not okay.

Inappropriate content:  If your story contains NC-17 rated material (see MPAA film ratings guide) it is not an appropriate writing sample for employers. Brutal violence, grisly or disturbing images, graphic drug use, violent or graphic sexuality are not okay. If you are uncertain, please refer to the Motion Picture Association of America guidelines.

Remember that submissions sent through us are representative of the school as well as yourself.

Unacceptable Material.  Entries that contain the above mentioned material or errors, as well as or which are otherwise deemed offensive, are inadmissible and will not be submitted for consideration by employers. Inadmissible submissions may be disqualified without notification.


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