Online Portfolio Tips


  • LIMIT YOUR WORK: Use only a few samples of your strongest, most up to date work—However, include a bit of each skill set.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN: Remove any inappropriate work that could cause a employer to reject you. Example: overly sexual, overly religious or overly political work.
  • KEEP IT OPEN: Make your portfolio clean, open and professional looking – remove all clutter. Make sure its easy to navigate and text is readable.
  • BRANDING: Your resume and website should have a uniform look and feel.
  • TARGET: Keep your portfolio targeted to your audience. Do some research on the industry/businesses you wish to work for. Look on their websites, ads, marketing pieces, etc.
  • UPDATE: Try an update your online samples every 3-6 months. This keeps your work fresh and keeps viewers coming back to see what’s new.

FREE Portfolio Sites : If you do not have a website, here are a few FREE online portfolio sites where you can showcase your work:

  • Contently – Whether as a Company or Journalist, they offer easy portfolio setup.
  • im creator – Easy, Clean, Multimedia, Sleek Portfolio Designs *
  • Vimeo Multimedia portfolios, demo reels, Artist Network
  • Weebly  Easy, Clean, Multimedia, Sleek Portfolio Designs *
  • WebyDo – HTML 5, Drag, Drop, No Coding, Easy to Create Your Own!
  • WIX – HTML 5, Drag and Drop, No Coding, GREAT TEMPLATES!!! *****
  • WordPress –  Easy, Clean, Multimedia, many Blog Templates to choose from

PORTFOLIO EXAMPLES: Take a look at these online portfolio sample sites. They are simple, professional looking and easy to navigate.  


1 thought on “Online Portfolio Tips”

  1. I would like to add a special comment about Webydo. Webydo is made BY designers especially FOR designers. It is a professional web suite that enables graphic designers to create and manage exceptional HTML websites, without writing code. Webydo is a work of love of a community of designers. Every feature in the system was developed with designers’ needs in mind, and Webydo’s devoted community participates in the company development process. If you are a designer – than Webydo’s sophisticated platform will be able to handle all of your needs. 🙂

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