Resume Tips

Name: Make sure your name stands out. Use a larger font size or even go bold with a splash of color. Stay away from hard to read fonts (like a script or an over-embellished font) and never go smaller than 7pts.

Contact Information: Name, email and phone number. Simple as this may seem, you want to do this right and try not to forget to put it in.

Email: Make it easy to read and spell. Don’t use your personal account, rather create a new one just for employers. Also, stay away from risky user names such as; “2hot2handle” or “foxymama“, this can give off a bad impression. Lastly, avoid One′s (1) and Zero’s (0), these can be confused with letters like “I” or “O”.


Website/Portfolio Hyperlink: Be sure to include a hyperlink that connects to your online website or portfolio. This should be right at the top, along with your contact information.

Photo: Do not use a photo of yourself, this is a big NO-NO! Allow employers to see your skills first and not prejudge you before getting to know you.

Skills: List your technical and professional skills near the top. Hard skills should be seen first, followed by a few soft skills. Remember these skills should be quick and concise bullets that highlight your strengths.

Technical SkillsIndustry Tip: Three top skills that are highly sought after are, Social Media, Digital Design and Post Production. Additionally, understanding some Photoshop, CDD, HTML and Final Cut can be a huge plus to an employer.


  • Academic Work / Creative Projects:  If you’re straight out of college or have no real professional industry experience, you can list some of your academic projects (school publication or production) or some of your completed non-published work (novel or screenplay). However, you should replace your academic/non-published work once you have gained a decent amount of “professional” writing experience.

Creative Projects Sample

  • Professional Experience: Within this section, ONLY list work that has been “Professionally” produced, published, posted or performed.
    • In a descending chronological order, start with your most recent employment.
    • If you are a Staff Employee, list your professional title, the company name, city/state and start/end dates.
    • In a couple of bullet points, highlight your daily duties and responsibilities.
    • Briefly indicate how your direct involvement benefited the company.
    • For a Published Book, list book title, name publisher and publication date.
    • For a Screenplay, list the title, the production company and date of release.
    • For a Published Article, list the name of the publication, the title of the article, issue edition and publication date.
    • Hyperlink the book/screenplay/printed article to the publisher or publicity page.
    • Include a very brief description of your book/screenplay/printed article.
    • When applicable, include the names of relevant people who were attached to the projects you worked on (Producers, Directors, Actors, etc..)

Professional Experience

Professional Exper

  • General Work Experience: This would be considered employment that is “Out” of the Creative Writing industry. List the names of the companies you worked for, location, titles/positions and employment dates. In a couple of bullet points, highlight your duties and how valuable you have been to the companies you’ve worked.

General Work Experience

Education: If you are a recent graduate, with limited  professional experience, you may want it list “Education” at top of your resume. Employers approach resumes from top to bottom, therefore, education should be the main focus.

Education Sample

Once you’ve amassed some relevant professional experience, move “Education” to the very bottom of your resume. At that point, you should be a working professional within your industry and no longer a student. In addition, DO NOT abbreviate your degree, spell it out. NO “MFA“, instead use Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Resume Samples: Here are a few sites to get resume idea’s from:

Resume Samples: Here are just a few samples for you to review.


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